Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Monthly Meeting for Urdu and Punjabi Literature

We are going to restart the Monthly Meeting regarding Urdu and Punjabi Literature appreciation and criticism at Lahore. Kindly send your mailing address and Phone Number to enable us send you the invitation.

Place: Al-Mawrid's Library, 51-K, Model Town, Lahore.

Time: After Maghrib Prayer (Please come before Maghrib)

Date: Will be decided after 7th of April, 2007.

If you want to present your literary works, kindly submit it to There are two segments of the program. First part for new writers to present their works. Second part is dedicated for serious criticism for senior writers.

You may suggest to change the program.

Muhammad and Othman (Usman) Ozjai's Website


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Does Islam restrict us to a specific language, dress, custom, region or art?

Does Islam restrict us to a specific language, dress, custom, region or art?
Dear Friends, Kindly send your posts on this topic.

Monday, March 12, 2007

by Muhammad Ali Zahid
One of the snaps taken in my office while conducting a meeting of Pakistani Calligraphers for mutual understanding and sharing of their experiences. In front of all Mr. Ahmad Ali Bhutta is doing Exercise Mashq of the Nastaaliq script. In Back groung (Left to right) Mr. Muhammad Ali Zahid, Ashraf Heera and Muhammad Basit are sitting.
Photograph by Sajjad Khalid

Islamic Calligraphy

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sajjad Khalid

I need your comments on Khat and composition.

Allahu Wahdahu

Its my original composition of "Allahu Wahdahu" in Thuluth Style

خورشید رضوی

مجھ سے بن آئے گی کچھ نعتِ محمد میں کہیں
ہوں ابھی مدحتِ سرکار کی ابجد میں کہیں
آپ سے دور بھٹکتا ہے نشیمن کے لئے
دیر سے طائرِ دل روح کے معبد میں کہیں
خوش نصیبی درِ سرکار پہ لے آئی ہے
اب ہم آتے ہیں غمِ دہر تری زد میں کہیں
وہی نسبت مری شریانوں میں لو دیتی ہے
بجھ گیا جس کا شررخاکِ اب و جد میں کہیں

سجاد خالد

اور جنت ہے کیا

اِک کھلا راستہ

جس پہ میں اپنی رفتار سے چل سکوں

Bethak ka Aghaz Web par

Dear Friends, (Saeed Sahab, Mudassir Sahab, Almas Sahab, Asghar Sahab, Rana Sahab,)
I have started this topic for our interaction. All of you are invited here to share your photos, writings, thoughts and links.